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Our leadership team approaches every single day as another opportunity to better serve you by making the mortgage experience even better and more cost effective.

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Sami ElTayeb Ali Taha


Over 30 years in the Oil & Gas industry, Executed Several projects for Shell, Total and Mobil. In charge of current projects with the Sudanese Petroleum Pipelines Company. Dover fueling systems - Tokheim Distributor in Sudan., SATAM Meters agent and Schneider Electric prisma partner and certified.

HussamElDin AlGaily Mohamed

General Manager

Hussam ElDin ElGaily Mohammed ElHassan : General Manager of WOTEC, Financial Management expert and with vast knowledge and experience for over 20 years in the Oil and Gas industry, CMA Holder.

Samah Awad Hassan

Financial Manager

Financial Manager, In charge of ensuring WOTEC’s finance and accounting insights. Over 12 years of Finance and Accounting for Oil & Gas industry related companies. Several Finance related certificates held.

Mohamed Ali Magzoub

Marketing Manager

in charge of planning, developing and implementing effective marketing communication campaigns for WOTEC.Accurately evaluates marketing reports and sales data compiled by marketing staff member , Several marketing courses/ workshops. attended and Qualified

Mahmoud ElDirdiri Mohamed

Operations & Project Manager

Operations & Project Manager over 5 years experience in Oil & Gas Sector, Certified SATAM measuring & metering systems, Certified Tokheim Fuelling Systems Fuelling systems.

Gafar Margani

Project manager

Ensures that projects execution is done according to schedule and meeting International and National clients Specifications and standards.

Seif Mohamed Ahmed


Responsible for Coordinating and Monitoring the receipt, order, assembly and dispatch of goods. Supply chain Management qualified and Certified