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About Us

Our Story

Worldwide Oil Technology & Energy Equipment Co. (WOTEC) isan Oil & Gas supply & service company registered in Republic of Sudan. With professionals having vast knowledge andexperience working with the Petroleum industry in Sudan in itsfold, WOTEC looks ahead to strengthen its relationship with theindustry in Sudan.

Worldwide Oil Technology & Energy Equipment Co. (WOTEC)and its sister companies, Afroway Engineering and GENEREXfor Energy, have successfully served the energy industry inSudan for over 25 years. WOTEC specialize in equipment andparts for oil exploration, production and marketing. The productswe offer are of the highest quality and delivered from some ofthe most brilliant minds in the industry.

The petroleum industry in Sudan is developing at a very fastpace and along with it the demand and need for the latest products, technology and skills. WOTEC plans to work towardscreating a niche for itself by bridging this need-supply gapin the industry by entering into tie-ups with reputed internationalorganizations to bring the latest and best products, technologyand skills to petroleum industry in Sudan

Our Vision

To provide the energy industries in Sudan with the best quality andmost technologically advanced energy solutions.

Our Path

We listen to our clients and look to-Build and strengthen alliances -Partner with our customers -Create solutions-Focus on providingcomplete solutions instead of sellinghardware.


Commitment towards deliveringthe best products and services to our clients.


WOTEC aims to “Be the leading vendor and service providerto the Energy industry in Sudan by providing them with the best solutions in the world for the industries products andservice requirements”.Towards this goal WOTEC works on a strategy based on GlobalPartnerships, Professional Execution and Enhanced Supporttowards delivering the right solution for the requirement.WOTEC has partnership with leading manufacturers and serviceproviders of the energy industry from across the world.Understanding the needs and future requirements of theindustry in Sudan, WOTEC identifies its partners and establishesa strong relationship with its partners for an easy and continuoustransfer of Technology, Products & Services. WOTEC interfaceswith its international partners and local industry for the best possible interest of all and reduce the impact of barriers in international business like language, social and cultural factors.Execution of any service or solution is carried out in a professionaland systematic manner. WOTEC establishes a process to carryout the execution of any services it delivers by involvingexperienced and efficient partner or personnel with an establishedtrack record to work on its assignments.Extended Support is what WOTEC concentrates on to stand apart in the industry. By ensuring its partners are leading and established organizations it also ensures these suppliersprovide continuous support for the products and servicesthey provide.